Digikal was founded in 2014 with the aim of representing and marketing leading European manufacturers of Professional Audio, Lighting and Public Address systems, such as FBT, TW AUDiO, MiPRO, GUIL, MOVECAT, TASKER, INVOLIGHT, NAXPRO TRUSS, BULLSTAGE, as well as many other brands .

The facilities of Digikal are located in Volos, where the offices, the warehouses, the Demo Room and the Service department of the company are housed.

The people who make up Digikal's workforce come mainly from the technical part of Rental and facilities, with years of experience and know-how, which is a main component of the upward trajectory and development of the company in the field of Professional Audiovisual Equipment.

Our common goal is to provide reliable solutions to our customers, with high-level products and services.

Digikal through its developed network of partners throughout Greece consisting of PA / Rental companies, e-shops, physical retail stores, as well as technical companies, with experience and training in the field, can provide complete and reliable solutions in facilities such as Nightclubs, Dining Areas, Theaters, Stadiums, Hotels, Churches, Conference Centers, Public and Private Buildings.

Our commitment is to train and certify our associates in the technologies of the audiovisual products we represent. For this reason, we provide the highest levels of training in the industry through regular technical seminars as well as new product presentations.

We constantly invest in the modernization of the quality of services and infrastructure, setting high goals in the development of the company and the service to our customers and partners.